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About Volunteering:

Southborough Little League is a 100% volunteer organization and is dependent upon its volunteer members (YOU) to staff and operate the many functions that go into providing an enjoyable youth sports experience for our children.  

Because of this, all families are expected to volunteer at least 3 hours of their time.  Volunteer opportunities range from being a Head Coach to helping out with tryouts, to working Opening Day, to helping with field maintenance, to staffing the snack shack, and much more.  Opportunities will become available throughout the year and volunteers will be solicited.  If your family does not complete 3 volunteer hours by the end of the season, you will be charged $100.

We highly encourage and depend upon volunteers to run the league.  However, if a family knows it will be unable to fulfill its volunteer obligation, it may opt out by paying a $75 preseason buyout fee now.  This will relieve the family of its mandatory volunteer obligation for the current season. 


Notice about Family Volunteering:

It has come to our attention that some teenagers have shown up to volunteer on behalf of families in situations that require interactions with other adult volunteers. 

Our policy requires that adults must be CORI-registered prior to working with people under the age of full legal responsibility. 

Given that it would be a large undertaking for the League to have all adult volunteers CORI-registered, we are requiring that teenagers be at least 18 years of age to volunteer on behalf of their families. 

There are opportunities for younger teenagers to work at the Snack Shack in a pre-approved setting that meets League guidelines. Any such candidates are encouraged to contact Sherri Klein at swoolhouse@hotmail.com in advance to inquire about possible openings and to submit their information.

Thank you for your cooperation.