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Below is a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) that we often hear from players and/or parents as well as more detail about the team selection process at each age level.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s):


Who is eligible to play summer baseball?

Any player that meets the age/birthdate criteria AND has participated in 60% of the SLL Spring games AND family has paid for Spring season and has fulfilled the 2019 volunteer requirements is eligible for consideration.


When does the summer season begin and end?

The team selection process occurs in Mid May.  Teams are announced in Late May, practices usually begin Early June, and games typically start in Mid June.  District “A” teams usually play through most/all of July while Sizzler “B” teams usually end mid July.


What is the process of selecting players for the various teams?

Each age group involves a selection process that is fair and equitable and is based on Spring performance, on-field evaluations, and general character of the players.  See below for more information on team selection process.


What level of commitment is expected for the summer teams?

Because summer baseball is more competitive, SLL expects all players selected to the District “A” teams to attend greater than 80% of all practices (2-4/week) and games (2-4/week – most weekends).  For the Sizzler “B” teams, SLL expects a minimum of 60% attendance for all practices (1-2/week) and games (1-2/week).


Will there definitely be multiple teams at each age level?

No, but the goal will be to form as many teams as possible to include as many interested players as possible.  It is expected that each age group will have a District “A” team but the Sizzler “B” teams and team composition (9/10 YO vs 10/11 YO teams) will be determined once SLL has determined the number of interested and capable players at each age group.


Will my son/daughter be playing with other kids of the same grade?

Not necessarily.  Unlike our Spring season where we allow player placement based on school grade, the summer tournament rules dictate player age criteria and typically conform to the Little League International standards which use a child’s birthdate rather than school grade as the determining factor.  That said, where allowed, a player’s school grade may be considered when selecting “B” teams.  For example, a 2nd grade “9 year old” and a 4th grade “9 year old” may be placed on different Sizzler teams.


How much does summer baseball cost?

The total cost for each team will vary and will be determined by the number of tournaments the team enters.  Fees will be charged to cover uniforms and tournament fees and typically total $120-$180 per player.