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Game 1 Tonite
by posted 07/07/2020



We're looking forward to our first game tonite at 6 @ Eric Green.  Please arrive no latter than 5:30 for warm ups etc.  


The Sun is bad this time of night so sunglasses / eye black is a good idea.


Every player should also have their own water.


I will be handing out SLL Face masks, but you may opt to bring your own.  Up to you.


The kids will need to wear masks when off the field at all times.  Coaches will need to be masked at all times on the field.


We have a lot of players out this week so we have some call ups helping us field a team.  We'll likely be pitching everyone we can as we start the season off.  The goal up to playoffs is to improve.  Sometimes we need to play where we're uncomfortable to improve.  Sometimes we need to bunt for the team.  Sometimes we need to sit out an inning and maintain the book.  Again - if we work hard we're going to be in a better position when we face teams in the playoffs.  Most of all - we'll be having some fun.  I'm looking forward to hearing some good chatter tonite.




Coach Shea

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